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Officine Varisco
Officine Varisco

1903 > 2021

From Italy to Worldwide

We are able to completely rebuild all the water heaters made from 1992 to today thanks to our internal archive.


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Water Heater

Water Heaters

Production and Storage of Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
Twinblue®: treatment suitable for drinking water, this a new treatment based on a special coating, has passed the tests specified in M.Decr.174/2004 and is therefore implementing 98/83/EC.
Installation: on the floor
Hydraulic test: 100% constructed pieces
Directive: Art. 4.3 Dir. CE 2014/68/UE-PED

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Chilled Water

Chilled Water

Used in Chilling and heating installation with a limited water content to guarantee a constant mean temperature and limit the number of compressor start-ups or burner. Excellent condensation characteristics as it covers all parts of the tank, preventing the risk of the condensation-derived corrosion.
Installation: on the floor for interior/exterior locals.
For temperatures below 0°C, it is reccomended to add 15% ethylene glycol to the water and follow the instructions of the chiller manufacturer.

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since 1992

We keep the archive updated with drawings and technical documentation of which you can request a copy, receive the original spare parts gaskets, heads and exchangers.

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The speed that differentiates us.

We are able to completely rebuild every heat exchanger and water heater which has been realized from 1992 to today thanks to our internal archive.

  • Telephone support within 24h

    If you need the replacement or the restoration of a machinery, you can call us tor receive telephone support within 24 hours from your requirement.

    We will be able to show you the best way to proceed with your machinery: completely rebuild it or require the original replacement parts.

  • Delivery of the offer in 8 days

    Thanks to our historical archive where we collect technical drawings since 1992, we are able to provide you an offer in just 8 days.

    We have got all the technical information, measures and indications of the original equipment. We just need the data on your number plate.

  • Reconstruction in 30 days

    Once agreed on the tender, the reconstruction will be accomplished in 30 days.

    Precision and punctuality are what allowed Officine Varisco to differentiate itself from 1903 to today. And, in case you are wondering it:

    Yes, we are the ones from Carugate.

    Yes, we are able to renew your machinery and rebuilding it just like it was before, without changing the connections and the measures but by adapting it to the new regulations. .

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