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Flywheels for refrigeration and heat pumps

They are used in hydronic refrigeration and heating systems, with limited water content to ensure a constant average temperature, on the chiller and heat pump.

Tank: carbon steel SR235JR
Untreated: no inside or outside treatment
Insulation: Rigid Polyurethane sp.30 mm. fluorocarbon free
Anti-Condensate: UNI EN 806-2:2008
External Covering: Aluminium sp. 0,4mm.
Socket Connections: ABS bosses
Hydraulic test: 100% constructed pieces
Regulation: Art. 4.3 Dir. CE 2014/68/UE-PED

USE ACR (UNI 9511.1)
Used in Chilling and heating installation with a limited water content to guarantee a constant mean temperature and limit the number of compressor start-ups or burner.
Excellent condensation characteristics as it covers all parts of the tank, preventing the risk of the condensation-derived corrosion.
Installation: on the floor for interior/exterior locals.
For temperatures below 0°C, it is reccomended to add 15% ethylene glycol to the water and follow the instructions of the chiller manufacturer.

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Chilled Water
Refrigerazione e Riscaldamento

All the pipes of cold water, in view or not, subject to any duration of time the phenomenon of condensing the moisture on their surfaces, should be protected with anti-condensation coating that ensures the perfect dryness of the outer surface also in the worst operating conditions.

  • al - Feed
  • F - Filter
  • GC - Heat generator
  • GR - Automatic filling group
  • P - Pump
  • R - Cooler
  • RF - Regulator Fixed point temperature (50 ° C)
  • sc - Discharge
  • T - Termometer
  • U - Users
  • VA - Automatic valve vent Air
  • VE - Expansion Tank
  • VS - Safety valve
  • VT - Three-way valve (only for delivery to max temp. 50 ° C)
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