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F.A.Q. - Officine Varisco



Some of these answers can also be found in our catalogs, manual instructions and guides of installations.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us, but if you need assistance or maintenance please contact specialized staff.

  • Q: We have some technical trouble, how can you help us?

    A: Ask first to a specialist in the field (installer, maintenance man..) who eventually will contact us and we will be glad to cooperate.

  • Q: I need some spare parts, how can I request them?

    A: Send us the data on the label or a picture of it, and specific which spare parts you need. Installations should be done by specialized personnel.

  • Q: I have lost the declaration of acceptance and conformity, what should I do?

    A: Send us the data on the label or a picture of it, so that we can recover the original documentation and send you a copy. Our historical archives start from 1992.

  • Q: I have a tank of yours but I do not have the instruction manual, what should I do for the maintenance?

    A: Send us the request to receive a copy of the instruction manual and we’ll send it to you. Please, ask a specialized person to do the maintenance to avoid any loses of warranty

  • Q: I’ve got a tank from another manufacturer and he doesn’t answer my help requests, can you help me?

    A: Yes, send us the label of the product and the name of the manufacturer, we have spare parts also for non-series products in our stock.

  • Q: There is red water that comes out the tap, what is happening?

    A: The tank might have been corroded, ask your plumber to provide with cleaning and changing the anode, if it’s perforated you have to change it.

  • Q: My water heater is not heating, why?

    A: Limestone reduces heating, check your boiler and circulation pump. Check also the heat exchanger, clean it and if it’s perforated ask your plumber to repair or change it.

  • Q: What is the best temperature for a water tank to give the most comfortable heat water?

    A: The domestic water comfortable temperature is about 45°/48° C. This temperature avoids burns, loss of heating and damages on the tubes. For this reason we suggest you not to accumulate water at more than 55/60 °C.

Commercial Information
  • Q: I’d like to receive a catalog.

    A: On the specific section “catalogue” on this web site you can find a requesting form, please fill it and we will send you the catalog.

  • Q: What are the delivery time and terms?

    A: We deliver directly at your home, in Italy and Abroad. The delivery time goes from 48 h to 20 days, it depends on the type of product. You can also withdraw it from our depots (EX-WORKS Rovigo).

  • Q: Can we order on-line?

    A: Yes, check our catalog, choose the product, send us a request to verify its price and availability and we will deliver it to you.

  • Q: Do you manufacture on request or can you repair my item?

    A: Yes we produce on request but NO, we are afraid we can’t repair your item.

  • Q: Do you offer training courses?

    A: Yes, once a year, the next one will be on February.

  • Q: I have an Officine Varisco heat exchanger that is older than 20 years and I need to change the tubes!

    A: Don’t worry, we keep our archive since 1992 so we can manufacture the exact same old product. We just need the factory number on the label or a picture of it.

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