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Heat Exchangers - Officine Varisco


The heat exchangers of Officine Varisco

The tube heat exchangers of Officine Varisco are safe to use, easy to maintains, and they are mainly employed in the civil and industrial heating systems and in the process plants of thermal power stations and in district heating.

The heat exchangers are appreciated by the clients for their high performances, their efficiency over time and the interchangeability of all the components that Officine Varisco guarantees for 10 years.

The heat exchangers are designed and manufactured with the best materials, and they are built and tested according to the directive 2014/68 EU of the European Parliament for pressure equipment, ASME section VII div.1.

The structural design is achieved by calculation software or with the help of important research center’s programs, such as HTRI (USA).

The range includes:

  • AC/AC | Hot Water / Hot Water
  • AS/AC | Superheated Water / Hot Water
  • OD/AC | Diathermic Oil / Hot Water
  • V/AC | Steam / Hot Water
  • Special Constructions
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Scambiatori di calore

1 – Flange

  • Flat flange PN 16 UNI EN 1092-1 (ex UNI 2278)

2 – Gaskets

  • Diathermic oil – reinforced graphite
  • Steam – reinforced graphite
  • Superheated water – reinforced graphite
  • Hot water: synthetic fibre, asbestos free

3 – Tube bundle

  • Steel Fe 35.2 UNI 663.68/P235 TR1 UNI EN 10216-1
  • Stainless steel ASTM A 249 type 304
  • Copper Cu DHP R250 EN 12451
  • Special construction: titanium

4 – Tubesheet

  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Special construction: AISI 304/316 stainless steel

5 – Baffles

  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Special construction: AISI 304/AISI 316 stainless steel

6 – Exchanger head / Shell side

  • High-quality carbon steel, and head with antirust coating on outside
  • Special construction: AISI 304/316 stainless steel
Targa Data Officine Varisco

The heat exchangers are designed, built and tested according to European directive 2014/68/UE on pressure appliances (PED).


Each heat exchanger is fitted with a “number plate” showing the specifications.
This must be kept for the future traceability of the appliance.

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