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Officine Varisco

More than 110 years of activity thanks to the high quality of the product and the punctual and constant service.

“Our company was born in 1903. It was operative during World War I, when there still were riveted boilers; it was operative during World War ll, that we all remember; and it was operative during the third, the economic one, started in 2008 and it has brought destitution. And yet we are still here, ready to take every chance the market has to offer.”

Lorenzo Barbujani has taken over the historic Officine Varisco in 2006, and today he manage the company with his son Paolo and his daughter Francesca: a family business that has decided to dislocate the production “but all our partners are Italians, because Made in Italy is a fundamental condition” even though the export values the 60% of the turnover. The Officine Varisco’s products are heat exchangers inserted inside the implants that need the distribution of the star at low pressure or the accumulation of hot water for sanitary services.

“We regain the energy of the production machinery, we reduce the dimensions of the boilers and we create clean heat: that’s why among our clients, there are the most important hospitals in Milan and Rome…” Thanks to our high quality productive process, all of our products are long lasting: 15 years on the average. One of the most important activity consists in the supply of spare parts identical to the original ones.

“For us the future is about to export our products in new markets and to provide technical assistance, always keeping constant our presence over time”

Officine Varisco - Lorenzo, Paolo and Francesca Barbujani
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